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We were just reviewing a business proposal …

“It’s a win-win preposition.”

Guess that would be a perfect deal for writers and readers alike.

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Just wanted to see if we have your attention …

We read an advertisement that goes something like this:

“Need a service that is complimentary to your treatment?”

So, does this mean that the service will praise or flatter the treatment? Maybe it means the service will be free, or given at no charge?

We suggest the service to be provided should be complementary to your treatment. Notice that “e” in there in place of the “i.”

This way, the service will be filling out or completing your treatment.

Oh yeah, you’d probably like to have the service for free … what were we thinking?

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A reader writes:

“Sign in a Waffle House on I-75 North of Knoxville:

‘Shoes and shirt must be worn to be served.'”

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

serve shirt shoes

How worn would you like yours ? Would that be:

  • just tried on (rare)
  • barely worn (medium-rare)
  • comfortably soft (medium)
  • worn to fray around the edges (medium-well)
  • completely worn out; in rags (well-done)

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