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This has been bugging us since the advertising campaign began a while ago. TBS, the cable channel, is perpetuating awful grammar with their slogan:

“more movie … less commercials.”

We caught this grammar gaffe during tonight’s showing of the wonderful movie The School of Rock.

We love the movie, however, it was an insult to our senses having this slogan displayed on the screen throughout. We went for the DVD.

Therefore, we are going to shamelessly steal from our earlier post: Less is not always more … and may continue to do so until correctness catches on.

OK, everybody repeat after us …

I will use “less” for amounts that cannot be counted as discrete items, such as water, sunshine, and money.

I will use “fewer” for numbers of items that can be counted as discrete items, such as drops of water, rays of sunshine, dollar bills, and … of course, commercials!

Get it? Got it. Good!

See our other previous post on this topic: Limit less …

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Updated post:

Compounds plural or compound plurals? That is the question …

We were already compiling a few notes about the “art of pluralizing” when we got a rash of input (from TV, Twitter, and email) about the plurals of compound nouns, specifically those compound nouns consisting of a noun plus a modifier.

We’re taking our best shots here, so please feel free to disagree or otherwise comment.

In question:

daddy longlegs – conventional wisdom would lead us to the plural form of: daddies longlegs, however, since that is cumbersome, we suggest: Harvestmen

Attorney General – no question about this one: Attorneys General

gin and tonic – conventional wisdom (gins and tonic) again loses out here (we defer to ironic1.com for this one ): gin and tonics

gin and tonics

notary public – not much question with this one: notaries public

brother-in-law – consistent formation found for this plural: brothers-in-law

maid of honor – 1) for more than one honor: maid of honors; 2) for more than one wedding attendant: maids of honor (please, only one MOH per wedding); for more than one copy of the movie Made of Honor: we suggest DVDs.

made of honor

man-of-war – encounter one and there are likely more on the beach or in the water: men-of-war

Bride of Chucky – ok, so are you talking about the plural of Chucky’s mates or the number of movies … or, even, the possessive? For our purposes here, today: Brides of Chucky

Good, now we’re getting more input. In a recent Twitter conversation:

@NeillShenton to @GrammarCops “ok, what about multiple spoons full of something? Plural* me that – i’d rather rephrase a sentence than type THAT ugly word.” 

* We’re now adding “plural” to our list of Nouns gone bad … Thanks!

@GrammarCops to @NeillShentonGood one … it’s actually one word ‘spoonfuls.'”


There are likely hundreds of such examples. Please contribute.

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Here’s our latest contribution to Austin Post:

Austin cartoon map

Austin is batty every day, but the sum of the parts makes up the Whole Foods gourmet this town has to offer, and you don’t even have to go beyond The County Line to experience it.

Austin is a great place to Relax The Back as your home to come to or Om Yoga To Go to(o). It is UT-terly delightful!

If you haven’t Applied Materials, maybe you’re Dazed and Confused or just a Slacker who loves Austin.

Austin sounds presidential on KLBJ radio.

If you’re into cycling, you may not have to wait for the knight to see Lance – a lot.

Austin has plenty of trees and Bushs. And, you can go the Lakeway if you want water.

In the mid 90s, Austin became the Apple of our technology eye, but it remains a Dell of a town!

On the map, we’re SXSW, which means an XLent Hole in the Wall filled with music and movies more live than DOA (see it for a Quaid-lude).

You don’t need a Virtual Alert to the life here … but, in Amy’s words, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first,” and stay tuned for future installments of this feature.

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We had a chuckle when we saw this headline from a movie magazine:

“Terminator Salvation Review”

(click here for the real story)

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

terminator salvation review

Maybe Arnold is on tour with Neil Diamond’s Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show? California to Broadway … it would give a whole new meaning to Dancing With The Stars! Now, we’d pay good money to see that revue!

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People.com is running a poll today:

“POLL: What Do You Think of the New Moon Trailer”

(click here for the real story)

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

new moon trailer

So, we thought we’d run our own poll …

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… Someone Like You …

No, not the movie (although that was a funny role for Hugh Jackman) …

We came across this job posting in the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman (newspaper) classifieds, and it reminded us of a post from last month:

Like, totally … NOT

This listing also reminded us of the “Uncle Sam” U.S. Army posters from the 1940s. These messages were directly and effectively targeted. They were unambiguous, to say the least. There was no doubt that Uncle Sam wanted Y-O-U! Not someone like you. Not your friends. Not your family. Not your referrals. YOU!

So, we ask, why would a company who, we believe, really wants you, advertise that they need someone “like you” ?

We don’t get it …

(click on the image to enlarge)

someone like you

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This set of rules can be a real stinker 🙂 …

Drink, drank, drunk. We went to a party. Did she drink all night? Yes, she drank most of the night. She might have drunk most of the evening. She surely had enough to drink that she became drunk!

Shrink, shrank, shrunk. We were doing laundry. Oh my, did his shirt shrink? Oops, yes, it shrank. we’ll be in big trouble when he finds out his shirt has shrunk. Guess we’ll just shrink away into the other room …

Sink, sank, sunk. We were watching a blockbuster movie the other night. Did the Titanic really sink? Oh yes, it sank. Do you think Leo would be such a big star if the ship had not sunk?

Stink, stank, stunk. We went to the gym. There was this stink. We tried to figure out what/who stank? We would have had a longer workout if it had not stunk so badly. Anything to get out of a (stinking) workout.

Now, some exceptions:

Blink – to open and close the eyes. Blinked.

  • blank – having no marks; not filled in; an empty space; etc. Also, a great movie character with the first name Martin.
  • blunk – no such word

Clink – to make a light, sharp ringing sound. Clinked.

  • clank – a sharp hard sound
  • clunk – to hit hard (esp. on the head)

Fink – an informer; strikebreaker; to inform to the police; squeal). Finked.

  • fank – no such word
  • funk – cowering fear; a dejected mood; a strong smell or stench

Ink – a fluid used for writing; a dark, protective fluid; publicity. Inked.

  • ank – no such word
  • unk – no such word

Link – to join or connect; a ring or separate piece of a chain. Linked.

  • lank – lean, gaunt, thin
  • lunk – lunk(head) – a dull or stupid person; blockhead

Wink – to close and open one eye quickly; twinkle. Winked.

  • wank (clean slang) – a clever technique or one employing such
  • wunk – no such word

Sync. Synced. (… not going here except to harmonize the Palm with the PC …)

Then, there’s this stand-out …

Think – to have a conscious mind; to conceive of something; etc.). Thought.

  • thank – to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgement to
  • thunk – no such word

So, who’d have thunk it? We thank you for making us think of this topic today (wink, wink) instead of wanking (clean!). It doesn’t take a lank lunk to link most nouns with their pasts, and now, it’s inked. We’ve neen in a funk (listening to funk), or we would have caught the fink who finked to the Grammar Police. We thought we heard a clank, however, it must have been the clunk on the head that made us sit up, take notice, and clink our glasses in a toast. We hope, now, we have filled in the blank(s) for you … and, guess what, we did it in the blink of an eye.

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We continue to get (spam) offers regarding wonderful properties.

Here’s one that we think fits into our “headline evokes image” theme of the week.

“Beach paradise with all the right stuff.”

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:


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