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Spelling correctly is important! Especially in this day of key word searches. Getting it right is worth the extra effort of using a “spell check” program or even — remember this — a dictionary.

We found this error in a job posting on the Internet. We’re wondering how many candidates will miss and be missed because of this unfortunate error.

“Bankructy Case Manager”


(click here to see the real ad)

So, this leads us to a poll …

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Lately, we’ve been checking out some other grammar blogs. It really is amazing how much blogging is going on about our favorite subject. Anyway, this post is not about that … it’s about the discussion topic (job title) we encountered:

“Pre-owned Car Salesman”

(click here for the real story)

Our question is, “What’s/who’s pre-owned, the car or the salesman?” We may send this one over to Comma Clout for treatment.

preowned car salesman

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… Someone Like You …

No, not the movie (although that was a funny role for Hugh Jackman) …

We came across this job posting in the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman (newspaper) classifieds, and it reminded us of a post from last month:

Like, totally … NOT

This listing also reminded us of the “Uncle Sam” U.S. Army posters from the 1940s. These messages were directly and effectively targeted. They were unambiguous, to say the least. There was no doubt that Uncle Sam wanted Y-O-U! Not someone like you. Not your friends. Not your family. Not your referrals. YOU!

So, we ask, why would a company who, we believe, really wants you, advertise that they need someone “like you” ?

We don’t get it …

(click on the image to enlarge)

someone like you

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UPDATE: Today, we received this seemingly-related job notice:

“Join the fast developing company with a lot of perspectives”

Nice to know there are some open-minded, omni-thinking companies out there :-).

Recently, we were cruising the job boards …

Came across this offer:

“Join a perspective company”

So, would this be an architectural firm that employs a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface?

And, if one were to apply, would that make one a prospective perspective?

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We are very interested in a new Craig’s List posting we saw for a job cleaning managers

(click here for the real story)

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

cleaning managers

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GrammarSpammers are at it again.

Here’s an excerpt from what we think is supposed to be a job offer:

“The following report, originally requested by the primal applicant …”

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:


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We recently read that a celebrity (can’t remember the name) lost his job.

Us Magazine ran the story with this headline:

“Man Fired Over Money”

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:


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