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We just love this “story.”

“There was a trial once when the artist Whistler sued a man for liable [sic] about remarks he made concerning the fees Whistler charged for his paintings.

‘Can you tell me,’ the opposing lawyer asked, ‘how long it took you to complete your painting?’

Whistler replied, ‘two days.’

‘And you expect 200 guineas for your two days work?’

‘No, I expect it for the knowledge of a lifetime.'”

~ Perry Mason

*[sic] congratulations to our reader who caught the grammar error in the quoted closed captions. [sic] should be “libel.”

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What does this say to you?

“We guarantee to collect your money or our service is FREE!”

When we first read this advertisement, we thought … DUH!

How does any service get paid if they don’t “collect” your money?

A waitperson doesn’t get their tip if they don’t collect it, right?

Then, reading further, we realized this was advertising a “collection” service.

Are we the only ones slightly confused by this?

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