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Just couldn’t resist having a little fun with this Tweet/headline:

“Hoof care for horse owners”

(click here for the real story)

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

hoof care

So, who’s really getting the hoof care, the horse or the owner?

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This set of rules can be a real stinker 🙂 …

Drink, drank, drunk. We went to a party. Did she drink all night? Yes, she drank most of the night. She might have drunk most of the evening. She surely had enough to drink that she became drunk!

Shrink, shrank, shrunk. We were doing laundry. Oh my, did his shirt shrink? Oops, yes, it shrank. we’ll be in big trouble when he finds out his shirt has shrunk. Guess we’ll just shrink away into the other room …

Sink, sank, sunk. We were watching a blockbuster movie the other night. Did the Titanic really sink? Oh yes, it sank. Do you think Leo would be such a big star if the ship had not sunk?

Stink, stank, stunk. We went to the gym. There was this stink. We tried to figure out what/who stank? We would have had a longer workout if it had not stunk so badly. Anything to get out of a (stinking) workout.

Now, some exceptions:

Blink – to open and close the eyes. Blinked.

  • blank – having no marks; not filled in; an empty space; etc. Also, a great movie character with the first name Martin.
  • blunk – no such word

Clink – to make a light, sharp ringing sound. Clinked.

  • clank – a sharp hard sound
  • clunk – to hit hard (esp. on the head)

Fink – an informer; strikebreaker; to inform to the police; squeal). Finked.

  • fank – no such word
  • funk – cowering fear; a dejected mood; a strong smell or stench

Ink – a fluid used for writing; a dark, protective fluid; publicity. Inked.

  • ank – no such word
  • unk – no such word

Link – to join or connect; a ring or separate piece of a chain. Linked.

  • lank – lean, gaunt, thin
  • lunk – lunk(head) – a dull or stupid person; blockhead

Wink – to close and open one eye quickly; twinkle. Winked.

  • wank (clean slang) – a clever technique or one employing such
  • wunk – no such word

Sync. Synced. (… not going here except to harmonize the Palm with the PC …)

Then, there’s this stand-out …

Think – to have a conscious mind; to conceive of something; etc.). Thought.

  • thank – to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgement to
  • thunk – no such word

So, who’d have thunk it? We thank you for making us think of this topic today (wink, wink) instead of wanking (clean!). It doesn’t take a lank lunk to link most nouns with their pasts, and now, it’s inked. We’ve neen in a funk (listening to funk), or we would have caught the fink who finked to the Grammar Police. We thought we heard a clank, however, it must have been the clunk on the head that made us sit up, take notice, and clink our glasses in a toast. We hope, now, we have filled in the blank(s) for you … and, guess what, we did it in the blink of an eye.

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Let’s see … we nave noticed a few GrammarGoofs with regards to these words, so, time for a post …

sight. n. something seen or worth seeing (the sights of San Francisco); the act of seeing; a device to aid the eyes in the aiming of a gun, etc.; aim or observation taken; the power or range of seeing (the bridge is in sight).

sight. v. to observe; to glimpse; to aim at; to adjust the sights of (as in a gun, etc.).sight-n

cite. v. to summon before a court of law; to quote; to mention by way of example; to mention in an official report as meritorious. (citation) The Grammar Police shall cite grammar offenders and may even hold them at the GrammarGallows site. And, good writers will always cite their sources (in a bibliography).


site. n. (position) location or scene, as in construction or building. (Web site)

Believe it or not, we frequently see building plans that mention a “construction sight.”

site. v. to locate; to put into place for operation, as in artillery. That’s right … one sites a cannon. site


Now, just for fun, take a look through some of these idioms:

  • at first sight, at the first glimpse; at once: It was love at first sight.
  • at sight, immediately upon seeing, esp. without referring elsewhere for assurance, further information, etc.: to translate something at sight.Commerce. on presentation: a draft payable at sight.
  • catch sight of, to get a glimpse of; espy: We caught sight of the lake below.
  • know by sight, to recognize (a person or thing) seen previously: I know him by sight, but I know nothing about him.
  • not by a long sight, Informal. definitely not: Is that all? Not by a long sight.
  • on or upon sight, immediately upon seeing: to shoot him on sight; to recognize someone on sight.
  • out of sight, beyond one’s range of vision. Informal. beyond reason; exceedingly high: The price is out of sight. Slang. (often used interjectionally) fantastic; marvelous: a ceremony so glamorous it was out of sight.
  • sight for sore eyes, someone or something whose appearance on the scene is cause for relief or gladness.
  • sight unseen, without previous examination: to buy something sight unseen.

 More fun (wordplay):

A San Francisco vision center: “A Site for Sore Eyes

A foundation for the visually challenged: “OUTA Sight

An interactive love story: “Love at first Site

3D interactive environments development site: “Site to See

Know of more wordplay with these “sahyt” words? Please comment.

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