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Oh, Hanes …

Gentlemen prefer good grammar. The lady prefers good grammar. Look who we’ve got our grammar on now!

You may choose to “Go Tagless” … we just hope you won’t continue to “Go Grammarless.”

We were shocked when we heard the announcer on the Hanes TV commercial say (when referring to their men’s t-shirts):

“… a collar that lays flat … that’s the comfort fit promise.”

Then, we checked the Hanes Web site, and sure enough, the error lies right there in plain sight:

Hanes Classics Men’s ComfortSoft® TAGLESS® Crewneck – Lay Flat Collar!

(click on image for a larger view)

hanes lay flat collar

So, we probably should not have been so shocked. After all, we did discuss “lay vs. lie” in our Lost causes? and Lie like a rug … posts a while back, however, we cannot just let it lie. And, it seems that the English language, at least the American usage of it, is evolving to include such deviations from what has long been considered proper. Ouch!

We’ll just say that this continues to lie on our list of pet peeves, and we remain hopeful that advertisers will lay off the mistakes and come to their grammar senses.

We’ll lead the charge by laying down the grammar law, arresting and citing the copywriters and sending them to word court.

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