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When we saw this segment on a health care provider’s Web site, we realized that some people may be allergic to proper grammar:

“Breathe Easy”

breathe easyDo you know how it should read (to be grammatically correct)?

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This Memorial Day headline appears in a Pennsylvania newspaper, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette:

“Sailor sees World aboard aircraft carrier…”

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What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

world aboard

Seriously, though, thanks to Josh Wheeland and all of our US Military, past, present and future, for defending our country!

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We don’t understand. Is this some new expression? Are we not hip?

apply yourself

Please let us know if you can explain this item (circled) appearing in a newspaper ad for a Colorado college:

(click on image to enlarge)

Does the college need to apply itself — to grammar lessons?

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Well, we may be doing just that with our question:

What is a “Regular” Hair Cut?

We found this ad in The Topeka Capital-Journal (Kansas newspaper):

regular haircut

So, again, we ask, “what is a ‘regular’ hair cut?”

When we searched for antonyms (opposites) of “regular,” our sources gave us two choices: “irregular,” and “constipated.”

Yikes, we don’t like either of these images when it comes to hair cuts. Maybe, without a “regular” hair cut, one might have a bad hair day?

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… Someone Like You …

No, not the movie (although that was a funny role for Hugh Jackman) …

We came across this job posting in the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman (newspaper) classifieds, and it reminded us of a post from last month:

Like, totally … NOT

This listing also reminded us of the “Uncle Sam” U.S. Army posters from the 1940s. These messages were directly and effectively targeted. They were unambiguous, to say the least. There was no doubt that Uncle Sam wanted Y-O-U! Not someone like you. Not your friends. Not your family. Not your referrals. YOU!

So, we ask, why would a company who, we believe, really wants you, advertise that they need someone “like you” ?

We don’t get it …

(click on the image to enlarge)

someone like you

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