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Spelling correctly is important! Especially in this day of key word searches. Getting it right is worth the extra effort of using a “spell check” program or even — remember this — a dictionary.

We found this error in a job posting on the Internet. We’re wondering how many candidates will miss and be missed because of this unfortunate error.

“Bankructy Case Manager”


(click here to see the real ad)

So, this leads us to a poll …

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We loved this blog post from blacklab on SpeedGuide.net:

Logic and the English Language

And, we suggest you read it for our sequel to mean even more than it would on its own.

Anyway, here is our stab at a “part 2” of insights into our sometimes perplexing language:

  • A post is stationary, but you must post stationery to move it.
  • If two men are in the same place, why aren’t they togethim instead of together?
  • In a restaurant, wouldn’t we want our food brought to us by a rusher rather than a waiter?
  • If we deplane and detrain, why don’t we deboat and decar?
  • To force someone to give up, we say “you’re going down!”
  • How come when a gun is fired it’s working but when a person is fired he/she’s not working?
  • If “some” means unspecified but considerable in number, and “one” means a single unit or individual, isn’t the word “someone” contradictory?
  • Why do we drill down to get a close up?
  • Why do we put a towel on to dry off?
  • If profess means to declare openly, why is it considered professional to withhold information?

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