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UPDATE: From a couple of tweets today:

“Grammar Grump says: ‘Sneak peek,’ not ‘sneek peek’ or ‘sneak peak.'”

Although, a stealthy mountaintop might be a “sneak peak.”

“THANK YOU Grammar Grump! Sneak Peak drives me mental! It’s like people who want to peak your interest! sigh… it’s PIQUE!”


When we took a peek at Twitter today, our curiosity was piqued to a peak by a tweet from a follower:

“… you have peaked my interest. Or piqued. Or peeked. Or something.”

That did pique us to post our …

Words of the day:

pique. n.

  1. resentment at being slighted; irritation. esp. by a wound to one’s pride.

pique. v.

  1. to arouse such resentment in; to offend.
  2. to excite (interest, curiosity); arouse an emotion or provoke to action.

peek. v. to look quickly and furtively. n. such a look.

peak. n. the highest or utmost point of anything … (or something).

Get it? Got it. Good.

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