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On eBay: “Product pages for popular items like CDs, DVDs, video cameras, and cell phones.” Should be: such as

We prefer “such as” in cases such as this … what is an item that is like a CD? Maybe a record? What is an item that is like a cell phone? Maybe a PDA? How about saying there is a sale on brand names like “Polo” and “Anne Klein?” What are brands that are like those? If one means to say that the brands “Polo” and “Anne Klein” are on sale, then it should be expressed without the word “like!” For instance, “There is a sale on brand names such as “Polo” and “Anne Klein.”

Now, we may have more blog posts like this (because they will be similar in nature), however, you’ll never see us drinking anything like Dr. Pepper … we always drink soda such as Dr. Pepper because there’s nothing like it!!!

Send us your observations of this, like, totally, screwball usage of the word “like.” Had you ever thought about it before?

BTW, this post is for Jeff!

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Today, while reading Project Management materials, we noticed and noted several of our pet peeves:

“like” vs. “such as”

“comprised of” vs. “comprises”

“I could care less” vs. “I couldn’t care less”

“forecasted” vs. “forecast” (We may have to live with this one as it is widely accepted now in business.)

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