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At a friend’s urging, we have added a new category: GrammarGrave for those grammar issues that may no longer be worth pressing.

We will, hesitantly, add to this category as our language evolves (whether we like it or not).

Please stay tuned, and, submit your candidates for burial.

Currently with the morticians:

none” as singular (originated as a contraction for not one). See our earlier post (and comments) “Accepted through misuse

lay” vs. “lie” as to be in a horizontal or recumbent position, or to recline. See our earlier post: “Lie like a rug …

like” vs. “such as” or “as though.” See our earlier post: “Like, totally … NOT

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Grammar goof of the day: In a Sea Ray boat magazine ad: “The seat backs open so you can lay flat on the sunpad.” Should be: lie

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A reader writes that their guess is that “lay” instead of the correct “lie” is also normal usage … should GrammarCops lay down the law or let it lie?

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