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UPDATE: We read a tweet today (on Twitter) that led to this update/re-post …

“Keep reading ‘I casted on # stitches’. Makes me cranky. Past tense is ‘I cast on..’  Isn’t it? Or did my mother, the Grammar Queen, fail me?”

No, your mom, the Grammar Queen did not fail you!


The idea for this post was cast in a sales meeting …

The sales reps, without exception, compared their last period’s results to what they had “forecasted.”

How do you feel when you hear fingernails scrape down a chalkboard? Want to see a grammarian cringe?

This post is not meant to be a full lesson on regular and irregular verbs and formation of all the tenses, but merely a focused rant on a couple of contemporary offenses involving the word “cast,” namely, “forecast” and “broadcast.”

Bear with us …

… an angler’s line was never casted

… she never casted her eyes in his direction

… Samantha never casted a spell upon Darrin

… actors are never casted for their roles, and

… the artist never casted a mold.


Why, then, would one refer to their last month’s sales projections as having been forecasted, or last week’s episode as having been broadcasted? We don’t get it!

So, go forth, heed this warning, forecast great results and broadcast fantastic entertainment, just, please, don’t let us catch you in possession of or using the ~ed, having forecasted or broadcasted, unless you want to be cast in the GrammarGallows.

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