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… in Central Texas y’all!

This is a excerpt from the Austin American-Statesman newspaper some 15 years ago. We just came across it again and thought this to be a great blog post topic, especially for some of our friends who are new to the Austin area.

Here are a few of the most common Central Texas pronunciations followed by what some maintain are the correct ways to say them: 

  • Guadalupe: Gwa-da-loop vs. Gwa-da-LU-pay
  • Manchaca: Man-shack vs. Man-CHA-ka
  • Burnet: Burn-it vs. Burr-NETT
  • Manor: May-nor vs. Man-ner
  • Del Valle: Del-vallee vs. Del-VAH-yay
  • Elgin : L-gin (as in “begin”) vs. L-jun an L-jin (as in the liquor)
  • Pedernales: Purr-den-a-less vs. Ped-er-NAH-les
  • Koenig: Kay-neg vs. Co-neg
  • Llano: Lan-no vs. YAH-no
  • Govalle: Go-vallee vs. Go-VAH-yah
  • Coyote: Kahy-oht vs. Kahy-oh-tee
  • Poinsettia: Poin-set-uh vs. Poin-set-ee-uh

Enjoy the Texspeak y’all!!!

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Note to advertisers … make sure classified ads are translated correctly when they’re posted online, lest you are hurting your meaning.

Case in point … this item (goof) from The Tuscaloosa News (Alabama):

“Someone you know is …”

(click on the image to enlarge)

hunting hurting

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