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We were cleaning out the junk email today. This is something that usually takes just a few seconds. For some reason, this afternoon, we lingered on a couple of the messages, and it paid off.

Here’s to the GrammarSpammers for giving us something fun to write about on this Friday afternoon.

We swear, we could not make this stuff up!

“I wish I were in position to give you a detailed preposition.”

(Too bad. We would really like to see a detailed preposition. And, by the way, what posture would you have to be in to give it to us?)

“I am working as a consultant, with your sincere assistant and co-operation …”

(We wish we had a sincere assistant to give us cooperation.)

“… in spite of the economical crises …”

(It is good to know that some emergencies may be considered thrifty.)

And, finally, one for the “headline evokes image” category:

“Please pardon me for contacting you through this medium.”

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:


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