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We chuckled when we saw this wikiHow title on iGoogle:

“How to Fix a Slow Toilet”

(click here for the real story)

What comes to your mind?

Here’s what came to ours:

slow toilet

So, here we go with our word of the day:

fix. verb (used with object)

  • to repair; mend.
  • to put in order or in good condition; adjust or arrrange: She fixed her hair in a bun.
  • to make fast, firm, or stable.
  • to place definitely and more or less permanently: to fix a circus poster to a wall.
  • to settle definitely; determine: to fix a price.
  • to direct (the eyes, the attention, etc.) steadily: His eyes were fixed on the distant ship.
  • to attract and hold (the eye, the attention, etc.).
  • to make set or rigid.
  • to put into permanent form.
  • to put or place (responsibility, blame, etc.) on a person.
  • to assign or refer to a definite place, time, etc.
  • to provide or supply with (something needed or wanted): How are you fixed for money?
  • Informal. to arrange or influence the outcome or action of, esp. privately or dishonestly: to fix a jury; to fix a game.
  • to get (a meal); prepare (food): What time shall I fix supper?
  • Informal. to put in a condition or position to make no further trouble.
  • Informal. to get even with; get revenge upon: I’ll fix him!
  • Informal. to castrate or spay (an animal, esp. a pet).
  • Chemistry. a. to make stable in consistency or condition; reduce from fluidity or volatility to a more stable state. b. to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a useful compound, as a nitrate fertilizer.
  • Photography. to render (an image) permanent by removing light-sensitive silver halides.
  • Microscopy. to kill, make rigid, and preserve for microscopic study.

fix. verb (used without object)

  • to become fixed.
  • to become set; assume a rigid or solid form.
  • to become stable or permanent.
  • to settle down.
  • Slang. to inject oneself with a narcotic.
  • Chiefly Southern U.S. to prepare; plan (usually fol. by an infinitive): I was just fixing to call you. We’re fixing to go to Colorado this summer.

By the way, we’re fixin’ to do a whole blog post on this and related southspeak. Stay tuned.

fix. noun

  • Informal. a position from which it is difficult to escape; predicament.
  • Informal. a repair, adjustment, or solution, usually of an immediate nature: Can you think of a fix for the problem?
  • Navigation. a. a charted position of a vessel or aircraft, determined by two or more bearings taken on landmarks, heavenly bodies, etc. b. the determining of the position of a ship, plane, etc., by mathematical, electronic, or other means: The navigator took a fix on the sun and steered the ship due north.
  • a clear determination: Can you get a fix on what he really means?
  • Slang. a. an injection of heroin or other narcotic. b. the narcotic or amount of narcotic injected. c. a compulsively sought dose or infusion of something: to need one’s daily fix of soap operas on TV.
  • Slang. a. an underhand or illegal arrangement, esp. one secured through bribery or influence. b. a contest, situation, etc., whose outcome is prearranged dishonestly.

fix. Verb phrases

  • fix on/upon, to decide on; determine: We won’t be able to fix on a location for the banquet until we know the number of guests.
  • fix up, Informal. a. to arrange for: to fix up (on) a date. b. to provide with; furnish. c. to repair; renew. d. to smooth over; solve: They weren’t able to fix up their differences.

fix. Idioms

  • fix one’s wagon, Informal. to exact retribution for an offense; treat someone vengefully: I’ll dock his pay and that will fix his wagon.
  • in a fix, Older Slang. pregnant.

Source: dictionary.com

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