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“I get an unusual amount of people offering me MLM, etc.” Should be: number

Since individual persons (people) can be counted, use the word “number” to refer to quantity. Now, we could turn this sentence around to properly use the word “amount” … “I get an unusual amount of MLM offered to me by people …”

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infrangible. adj. unbreakable or inviolable

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Melissa was our Web site’s 100th visitor! May not seem like a lot, but when you’re just starting out, it’s a tremendous milestone. So, as a thank you, we offered to post one of her photos and information. When reviewing the www.melissakelseyphotography.com site, we realized that there is a true gem here! Take a look for yourself and please refer your friends … her photography is fantastic.

Our favorite photos are of the wedding couple in the vineyard and the B&W of the bride at the window. Very moving.

Good work Melissa!

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